I want to get some sort of rodent, or hampster, or somethijng resembling that, but there areso lots kinds of pets surrounded by that category to get! What is the difference between these animals, what are the pros and cons of have all respectively one, and which would you say I should obtain? Tell me anything and everything! Thanx!

Most of the difference between these pets is their level of cleanliness and their temperment.

If you want a GOOD trainee rodent, get a rat. They own THE best personality and are far cleaner than the other pets you nominated. They can be trained, and once bonded with a human, they don’t similar to be seperated. You can let them out of their coop to run around and play without nervousness of them running off and never coming final.

In order of person and care;
Hamsters are dirty and extremely tempermental. Their opinion of yourself depends on how often they’re handle in the store you purchase them from. The larger the hamster, usually the more docile and friendly they are. Pandas, calicos, bear bears, etc tend to be more friendly and accepting of human interaction. They’re relatively unproblematic to care for, but they smell awful if you don’t verbs their cage regularly.
Guinea pigs are enormously jumpy and skittish at first, but can eventually become great pets. They come across to always be sort of shy around strangers, they require a LOT more surrounded by the area of housing, their round up is much more expensive and the accessories and toys that pet stores provide for them are expensive as resourcefully. They also need vitamin C supplements through diet or their dampen. Again, they can be very messy and most of the cage for guinea pigs make it comfortable for them to kick their bedding EVERYWHERE. They’re the most noisy of all the pets tabled.
Gerbils are skittish as well, they’re hyperactive and own boundless energy. If you drop a gerbil on the floor, likelihood are you might not be getting it back lacking building a MacGuyver type trap. They are cleaner than hamsters, mice and guinea pigs, though. They smell a lot smaller quantity, as well. The best entity about gerbils is though they’re skittish they completely rarely bite. I wouldn’t insist on having more than one, as they can become totally territorial as they age.
Mice are, personally, my second penchant choice after rats. They smell more strongly than rats, but they are pretty social. They don’t have loyalties close to the rats will, but they can quickly be skilled to tolerate handling and will respond when you come in the room. They can also be qualified tricks and are very low maintainance. They typically enjoy the same disposition whether they draw from attention every day or not.

Gerbils, hamsters and mice are cheaper to house and provide for than rats and guinea pigs. Rats require a larger hold than the others will, and guinea pigs require a larger cage still.
As for what you SHOULD win, no one can share you that. If you have profoundly of time to devote to playing with the critter every sunshine then any one of these pets will do merely fine. Mice handle a more "hand off" approach better than the rest, who can turn mean or become depressed if interacted with. You want to product sure you can afford a decent hold for them, as any rodent is naturally an escape artist. Also, rodents can procure bored and become lethargic, so you’ll want to gross sure you can provide play things for them. (My dad offers a plastic tub full of outdated rags up to his rat once a week and she tears the rag up and builds a nest… This keeps her amused for fairly a while, plus he buys "rat toys" from Petsmart for her. I give my mouse toilet treatise rolls, as well as boxes made of cardboard beside treats in them which provides bedding and amusement… So rodent toys don’t hold to be expensive!)

I hope this helped! Good luck.

Any time we kept gerbils from one and the same litter together for too long, we wound up with gerbils beside no tails. =) Sounds resembling they’re really social to me! On the other hand, I have one live by herself for six years and she was completely content. I’m not axiom you can’t house them together, but unless you’re willing to be 100% attentive, it’s easier to house them alone and provide ways to keep hold of them entertained. Owning any one of these animals is really lately a matter of personal nouns. I had a full-size rat growing up and i loved him. He was so used to be held that he be like a cat and would of late lay in your knees. My daughter has a hamster very soon and she loves him. I would look at how much space you have for a round up when deciding on one. The larger rodents perceptibly need more space. Also, buy one from a pet store that truly handles their rodents. most of them of late open the coop to feed once a light of day and the rodents are not used to human contact. They are uncomplicated to tame, but if you capture one that is used to mortal handled you won’t carry as many bites. upright luck.OK of the 5 animals you listed, adjectives but one are rodents.
Guinea Pigs are more closely related to rabbits.

Rodents, rabbits, guinea pigs all own teeth that never stop growing, so they must have stuff to chew on; or you will own to learn to trim front teeth.

Gerbils, Hamsters, and mice commonly only live for a minute (a couple of years) ; guinea pigs, rats, and rabbits can live for 5 years or longer.

Guinea pigs are noisy; they enjoy a loud whistle; the others listed are duly quiet.

Mice, rats, gerbils, and hampsters are nocturnal, so if you dont want to interact beside the animal during the day they are upright pets. If you are a light sleeper, they might bother you during the darkness.

The more you interact with any animal, the more it will want to interact beside you. Guinea pigs, rabbits and rats, being larger and longer-lived, may become more affectionate.

Before you capture any of these so-called ‘exotic’ pets, make sure that you own a vet in your nouns who will treat them, if they get sick.Mice are small, the smallest really, and are markedly hyper. However they seldom bite. They are clean rodents too, they resembling to be housed together, usually people own mice, not just one mouse. Hampster are typically rather bigger and vary depending on specific breed, adjectives teddy accept hamster are really lovable and don’t bite often at adjectives. They too are clean and usually friendly, similar to to be handled. Mice and hamster live around 2 years. Gerbils are larger, tall beside long legs and feet, hyper and bouncy, in my feelings. They are a little more mouthy and involve more space. They live about 3-4 years. Guinea pigs are the largest, almost the size of a small bunny. They are friendly and like to be handle. They make little squeaky noise often. They live roughly 5+ years. All of them are nocturnal and need an exercise rudder. They range within price from $3.00 (mice) to $30.00 (guinea pigs) on average. They are fairly low looking after and require cage cleaning almost 3 times a month or more if they eat deeply or if the smell bothers you. They can be housed in sundry sized cages, and you put pine shavings or something similiar contained by their as bedding. They can all be feed a healthy diet formula available at any pet place and you supply them fresh veggies too. Good luck!
I have other had more luck beside teddy carry hamsters.Well rats are nocturnal, but they don’t really care when they come out of their hold. My rats (except one) love attention and are always right in attendance to ask for it.

In my experience hamsters are a bit temperamental. They are nocturnal as powerfully, and don’t like mortal bothered during the day. I grew up beside many pet rats and have one hamster and one rabbit. Rabbits are difficult to handle (darn those rear feet), rats are easy once you bring used to holding them, same with hamsters. I’ve never owned gerbils, mice or guinea pigs.

I would suggest if you want a honourable friend and an affectionate pet, get a rat!First of adjectives ”fitofhonesty” it obviously it wasnt a deeply good petshop you worked contained by and you obviously dont know the the first entity about gerbils because GERBILS CANNOT BE KEPT ALONE they hold to be kept in groups or they become bored, depressed and lonely.

Secondly ”Lora W” gerbils are not noturnal they sleep whenever they quality like sleeping wither that be hours of daylight or night.

I hold only have gerbils so can only explain to you the pros and cons about them:
They are really clean, their pee is fundamentally concentrated so they don’t smell as much as mice (or so I am told rats but never had a rat so not sure). They lone need cleaning (if you own a gerbilarium) once every 2 weeks, 1 week for a cage but I dont reccomend these.
If you own a gerbilarium then it is fasinating to study them building a network of tunnels.
They arent nocturnal so you can truly see the gerbil during the day (unlike hamsters).
They fluently are very inquisitive so don’t close to to sit still in your foot and as a result they keep hoping from one mitt to the other, up your sleeve, over your shoulders, in pockets and hoods, some inhabitants like this some don’t!
They live longer than mice and hamsters. Gerbils live 3-4 years but are set to live to 5. Hamsters live 2-3 years and mice just 18 months.
Gerbils hold a tail unlike hamsters who have a stump, again some prefer tail some prefer stump!
They own to be kept in groups of minimum 2. Gerbils from impossible to tell apart litter or those that have be in like peas in a pod enviroment tend to work better. If introducing 2 strange gerbils look up the split cage method. Gerbils come of age at 6 weeks so they hold to be separated before this or you’ll closing up with abundantly!

Thats all I can infer of right now, check out some of these sites for more info on gerbils!

XxXHope this helpsXxXAll depends on what you fancy.
I hold a rat now (they are wonderful!), I have two mice, 4 hamsters, I baby sit my teachers guinea pig, my sisters say gerbils bite alot.
Rats~ sweet,smart (they can be taught tricks including their name.),dont smell as bad as most rodents,most dont bite,cute,and love populace.

Hamsters~ a little more grumpy (better than a gerbil), most are sweet,

Mice~pretty much impossible to tell apart as rats just smaller and not as smart, they smell alittle more too, and poop alot, rats dont generally poop when you hold them,

Guinea Pigs~ are usually really scitish, (have sharp nails),(dont know too much about them)

Gerbils~ ughhh they bite!, they probabllly bite the most out of adjectives the other rodents.

This is the order I would shift
1st ~rat
4rth~guinea pig

their are also degus, chinchillas and alot more. But out of all the rodents I approaching the rats best.