How can you tell you own a male or a feminine sun conure?

you cant unless you have surgery done to find out. I own heard that they can very soon find out by blood testing. There sex organs are internal try its colorthat’s easier said than done, take it to the vetwhat even is that!My mother have 1/2 moon conures and she said that either surgically sexed or DNA are the simply sure bets.okay…ready to acquire touchy feely? Flip the bird over and feel for 2 protruding bones between the legs. These are the pelvic bones. If the span between the bones is greather than the width of your pinky finger,you most promising have a feminine. Same size or smaller, a male. Only accurate if the bird is 4 months or elder."From my experience, the male and womanly Sun Conures can be sexed by the time they are fully feathered, at about eight weeks. At this time, the males are the ones beside less red showing on the obverse and head; the females will appear to enjoy more red or brighter red by comparison.

By the time the babies are between four and six months old, the colors start to alteration and the males suddenly acquire more red on the cheeks, head and nape. The females do not lose any of their red, it’s a moment ago that the males end up beside more.

The only problem near sexing Sun Conures with this method, is that you call for several to compare. If you have single one, or if the ones you have are surrounded by fact adjectives the same, consequently it is almost impossible to tell the sex unless you enjoy had like mad of experience with them".I have mine sexed by genetics. Mine is a mannish named Pustic.You have need of to have it DNA sexed any by drawing blood (should be done by a professional) or by plucking feathers and sending them into a lab to get tested.

If you hold lots to compare, males usually have a larger herald than the females. They’re coloring can be the same. I own a male to be exact very red surrounded by the face and a womanly that is more orange/yellow surrounded by the face. You CANNOT describe by color.