I have a squirrel/chipmunk rodent of some kind in my roof/ceiling of my mobile home. I know where it’s entering, and tried boarding up the opening, but they chewed right through it. Any advise on getting rid of these rodents. The noise of them chewing can be heard throught the whole house. Please Help!

if you can play a portable radio near the entrance that will sometimes deter them. Heavy duty wire is what you need to block the entrance- we had squirrels swinging from the rafters and chewing holes in the eaves of the house. By heavy I mean the kind you cannot bend. Also if possible place a dish of coffee grounds (fresh not brewed) near them. they hate that smell.

Please do not use mothballs- they are poisonous for us to breathe! Yes, I heard that about moth balls, we had shunks under our deck. We put moth balls there and they moved on.i’ve heard moth balls work